A Will is a formal legal document that instructs the survivors in the settlement of the decedentís estate. Even if the estate is not large enough to benefit from tax planning, a will is still crucial. A person who dies without a will leaves it to the state to determine how his or her assets will be distributed.

A Will allows parents to name a Guardian for their young children.

Consideration should be given to revising a will when a client marries, divorces, remarries, has a new child or grandchild, adopts a child, receives an inheritance, suffers a disability or major illness, suffers the death of a spouse, retires, changes state residency, wins the lottery, and so on. In other words, the provisions of a will should be reviewed frequently for any potential changes.

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If you do not have a Will, the State of Colorado has one for you.

Last Will and Testament-State of Colorado Version
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